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Add some extra power to your punches with our high-performance Fingerless MMA mixed martial arts gloves. The ergonomic, fingerless design allows MMA fighters the flexibility to grapple opponents while the tactically padded knuckles protect your hands. Our store features a collection of fingerless gloves suitable for all skill levels and budgets. Explore our extensive selection of durable hand wraps, training gloves, and bag gloves for all combat sports.

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The need for a glove that meets the high demands of combat sports led to the development of our MMA gloves. Our Fingerless MMA Gloves are specifically designed for both training and competing in Mixed Martial Arts. These gloves are an essential piece of safety and athletic gear, protecting your hands and wrists during strikes and grapples in MMA. Made from Multi-Layer PU Leather and EVA Padding, these gloves ensure durability and stability by absorbing impact.

Our Half Mit Boxing Gloves give fighters more control in grappling styles for mixed martial arts such as Judo, Jiu-jitsu, Wrestling, and more. They also aid in training to deliver precise blows in punching styles like Karate, Kickboxing, Boxing, Muay Thai, and more. The Open Palm design, combined with a moisture-wicking mesh lining and high-density foam padding, provides comfort during intense combat training sessions, offering airflow and breathability to keep hands dry.

The adjustable hook and loop wrist strap is quick to put on and easily adjustable, ensuring a comfortable and secure fit. Whether you're starting your martial arts training or seeking an additional pair of kickboxing training gloves, owning a pair that offers flexibility, ergonomic design, and protection is essential. Our Fingerless MMA gloves will enhance your training experience by reducing fatigue and absorbing the impact from powerful punches.

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Fingerless MMA Gloves Buyer's Guide FAQs

1. Who invented fingerless MMA gloves?

Fingerless MMA gloves were popularized by the early pioneers of modern mixed martial arts (MMA), but they do not have a single inventor. The concept evolved over time to meet the needs of the sport. The first widely recognized use of fingerless gloves in MMA was by the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), which mandated their use starting with UFC 14 in 1997 to protect fighters' hands and reduce facial cuts during competitions.

2. Why were fingerless MMA gloves invented?

Fingerless MMA gloves were invented to:

  • Protect fighters' hands: They provide padding over the knuckles, reducing the risk of hand injuries during strikes.
  • Improve grappling ability: The fingerless design allows fighters to maintain dexterity and grip, which is crucial for grappling, submissions, and other techniques.
  • Reduce cuts: The padding helps to minimize the risk of facial cuts, which were a common issue in early MMA fights.
  • Standardize equipment: Introducing fingerless gloves helped to create a more standardized and safer set of equipment for fighters.

3. How have fingerless MMA gloves evolved since their invention?

Since their introduction, fingerless MMA gloves have undergone several improvements:

  • Better materials: Modern gloves use advanced materials that offer better protection, durability, and comfort.
  • Improved design: Enhancements such as better wrist support, ergonomic shapes, and improved ventilation have been made.
  • Customization: Gloves now come in various sizes and styles to cater to different preferences and hand sizes.
  • Regulations: Organizations like the UFC and other major promotions have established strict guidelines for the design and padding requirements of gloves to ensure fighter safety.

4. What are the differences between fingerless MMA gloves and traditional boxing gloves?

Fingerless MMA gloves differ from traditional boxing gloves in several ways:

  • Design: MMA gloves have open fingers to allow for grappling and submissions, while boxing gloves fully enclose the hand.
  • Padding: MMA gloves have less padding, focusing on the knuckles, whereas boxing gloves have more extensive padding to protect the hands and wrists during repeated strikes.
  • Weight: MMA gloves are lighter, typically weighing around 4-6 ounces, compared to boxing gloves which range from 8 to 16 ounces.
  • Use: MMA gloves are designed for a mix of striking and grappling, while boxing gloves are solely for striking.

5. Which organizations were the first to adopt fingerless MMA gloves?

The Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) was the first major organization to mandate the use of fingerless MMA gloves starting with UFC 14 in 1997. Following the UFC's lead, other organizations such as PRIDE Fighting Championships, Bellator MMA, and various regional promotions adopted similar rules, making fingerless gloves the standard in professional and amateur MMA competitions worldwide.

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