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Kids MMA Ful Fighting Set Magma: Ultra-Resistant and IMMAF Approved for Maximum Durability and Safety (Copy) (Copy)

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Kids MMA Ful Fighting Set "Magma" lightweight, breathable, and ultra-resistant, this compression shirt will offer you comfort and flexibility even in the most intense sports. Its tight fit will provide optimal support during physical contact with your partners and will protect you from potential burns caused by friction on the mat.

MMA Gloves

Made of high-quality synthetic leather with inside cotton lining, stitched lucidly with high-quality durable threads, with black piping for reinforcement. The special design fits well with hands and offers a firm grip around fingers to prevent accidental eye pokes. Increased padding in the amateur gloves compared to the typical professional model lowers the incidence of lacerations. IMMAF Approved. For added protection and comfort, these gloves feature moisture-wicking properties and abrasion resistance.

Shin Guards

Grappling style Hybrid Shinguards with neoprene backing have been adopted for IMMAF rather than Muay Thai style to prevent them from coming off during tussles on the ground. Changes in design have included in the material, from an embossed plastic and fabric combination to full neoprene. IMMAF Approved. The neoprene material ensures flexibility and durability.

Rash Guard and Shorts

The Rash guard and Shorts are made of top-quality Lycra elasticated material, with an elegant Simulated Authentic Green Hill Design. IMMAF Approved. These garments also offer UV protection and are designed for abrasion resistance to enhance durability during training sessions. Proper maintenance and following the manufacturer's washing guidelines will ensure the material quality and longevity of this athletic gear.

Designed by Green Hill for Australian MMA Fighters.


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