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Our Favorite SAMBO Striking Combos

Our Favorite SAMBO Striking Combos

Having effective SAMBO striking combinations is about more than combining punches and kicks.


Combat SAMBO uses punches, kicks, elbows, and knees like Muay Thai and MMA. In addition to Muay Thai, Combat SAMBO allows ground strikes.

Striking Techniques in Combat SAMBO

The key techniques in Combat SAMBO include various striking methods such as;

  1. Jab
  2. Cross/Straight
  3. Cross/Straight
  4. Hook
  5. Haymaker Punch
  6. Short Range Right Uppercut
  7. Front Kick or Push Kick
  8. Roundhouse Kick
  9. Side Kick
  10. Semi Circular Kick

How to strike effectively in SAMBO?

Striking effectively in SAMBO requires mastering various striking techniques and integrating them seamlessly within the overall combat strategy.

Basic striking techniques in SAMBO

Basic striking techniques in SAMBO include punches, kicks, and elbow strikes. These techniques are essential for gaining control of the opponent and creating openings for grappling maneuvers.

Improving striking power and speed

To enhance striking power and speed, SAMBO practitioners focus on physical conditioning, footwork, and the development of explosive striking movements.

Training drills for striking combinations

Training drills specifically focus on developing striking combinations, enhancing coordination, timing, and fluidity in executing these techniques.

Warming Up

SAMBO fighting stress your ankles. Throwing punches and kicks, you move around and sometimes stand on one foot. Footwork drills mimic fight motions, so warm up before doing them. You should warm up before any exercise.

  • Stand a foot from a wall, facing it.
  • Put your right foot forward. It should be six inches from the wall.
  • Bring your left leg backwards with your hips parallel to the wall. Touch the floor with its heel. This position requires slightly bent knees.
  • Bend your right knee to the wall. Keep your left heel on the floor. If your right knee touches the wall too easily, move back two inches.

Once you find the sweet spot where your front knee barely touches the wall, repeat the exercises 25 times with each leg.

Pivot Shuffle

This drill improves offensive and defensive pivoting. It also helps you check kicks. To maximise this drill, stay light on your feet. This exercise should be done on the balls of your feet, with your heels off the ground.

Quick-shift direction

Excellent footwork allows you to set up and avoid strikes, as mentioned earlier. The faster you move away after a strike, the harder it is for your opponent to counter. Conversely, evading an attack faster increases your chances of countering your opponent.

Drill dominant angles

Knowing dominant angles is crucial to striking. Your dominant angle during a striking exchange allows you to avoid attacks and land clean strikes.

Always seek dominant angles during fights. It's better than facing an opponent. Since it creates space between you and your opponent, backing up doesn't count either. You are vulnerable to attacks if they close in.

Lateral movements let you evade and establish a dominant angle. Imagine a Matador dodging a bull.

FAQ's SAMBO striking

Is SAMBO striking adaptable for any martial art style?

Yes, SAMBO striking is a highly adaptable martial art style. By incorporating elements from various disciplines like bjj and kickboxing, it prepares the practitioner for a wide array of scenarios. Whether on the mat or defending in a cage, SAMBO's adaptability shines.

Are striking techniques the most important in SAMBO?

While striking techniques are important in SAMBO, they are only one part of a well-rounded skill set. Grappling, wrestling, and submissions are crucial. A successful SAMBO fighter must be multitalented.

Can anyone master SAMBO striking?

Anyone can learn effective SAMBO striking techniques with training, dedication, and discipline. Some people are naturally good at striking, but practice and coaching can help anyone improve.

Do striking techniques require strength?

Striking requires technique, speed, and timing as well as strength. Optimise striking techniques for different body types and strengths. Focus on technique and leverage to generate power, not just strength.

How long does it take to master SAMBO striking?

The time it takes to master striking depends on athleticism, training frequency, and dedication. To master striking techniques, it takes years of practice.

Does SAMBO striking pose risks or injuries?

As with any combat sport, SAMBO striking can cause injuries. To avoid injuries, train with experienced coaches, follow safety protocols, and wear proper gear.


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