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How To Pick The Best SAMBO Shorts

How To Pick The Best SAMBO Shorts

If you’re going to train SAMBO, you need to come equipped with the correct shorts.

You can get away with turning up to your first few classes in run-of-the-mill sportswear, but you’ll soon want to look the part and be the part with a pair designed for the art of SAMBO fighting.  

Traditional SAMBO shorts are lightweight so you can move, kick, and knee freely. The material also means your feet won’t get caught on them.

They’re also breathable for comfort in hot conditions. Even if you’re not training in Australia, you'll get sweaty in a tough training session!

SAMBO traditionally has no rankings or grades like other martial arts, so in all but a few gyms, you are free to express yourself and wear what you like.

Here’s our guide to what to look for so you can pick the best SAMBO shorts for your needs.

There are two basic styles of SAMBO shorts to choose between.

The most common style of shorts for modern SAMBO fighter has a classic look. These are shorter with a high cut.

Classic shorts are longer, but still don’t go as far down the leg as most western boxing shorts. Some fighters will roll up the legs.

Whatever you choose, just make sure they’re comfortable and you have appropriate underwear on underneath (you want it to protect your modesty without being seen).

SAMBO athletes often prefer FIAS-approved SAMBO Shorts, which are typically made of polyester material. Polyester, being a synthetic fabric, possesses qualities such as durability, lightweightness, and breathability, which render it a viable option for sports apparel.

The approval from FIAS signifies that the SAMBO Shorts have successfully met the established standards set by the International Sambo Federation for use in competitions and tournaments. The criteria for FIAS-approved SAMBO Shorts include design, colour, material, and other specific requirements.

The selection of SAMBO  Shorts should take into account the material used, as it has the potential to impact both the performance and comfort levels of the athlete. Polyester is commonly selected for sports apparel because of its ability to wick away moisture. This feature is beneficial for athletes as it aids in maintaining dryness and comfort during rigorous training or competitive events.

The FIAS-approved Sambo Shorts made of polyester material offer Sambo athletes a suitable option for high-quality, durable, and comfortable sports apparel.

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