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SAMBO Shoes Buying Guide

SAMBO Shoes Buying Guide

There is more to SAMBO than just physical contact. It's an art where you have to synchronise all of your body's muscles to pull off the ideal slam.

A crucial role for your SAMBO shoes is in that mixture. Yes, a lot of inexperienced SAMBO fighters begin their careers with standard trainers. On the other hand, anyone hoping to gain an advantage on the mat needs to wear the appropriate SAMBO equipment.

You can move more confidently on the mat thanks to the increased grip that SAMBO shoes provide. They shield you from harm while also offering plenty of comfort during combat.

How Then Do You Choose the Appropriate SAMBO Shoes?

With precisely that, we are here to assist you. You will find all the information you need to purchase the ideal SAMBO shoes in this guide. We'll also make an effort to respond to some of the frequently asked questions you may have about them.

A Brief Guide To Shoes for SAMBO

What Makes SAMBO Shoes Crucial?
First things first: in the first place, what use do SAMBO shoes serve? SAMBO shoes don't have a very big market. The shoe component of the sport is rarely considered by those who are interested in it. However, that doesn't lessen the tactical advantage of these shoes.

Your ankles and feet get the much-needed support and stability when you wear SAMBO shoes. In this manner, you won't be at risk of slipping on the sticky SAMBO mat where the match is typically played. Additionally, they shield your ankles from rolling or spraining injuries.

The benefits of wearing SAMBO shoes don't stop there, though. To maintain stability throughout any match, you would need a lot of traction. SAMBO fighters get this stability and balance from high-quality shoes in all directions.

Overall, wearing good SAMBO shoes will help you maximise your physical prowess and strength.

Considerations for Purchasing SAMBO Shoes

Now that you understand the importance of SAMBO shoes before taking the mat, let's examine the various considerations that should be made. In the sections that follow, we will delve deeply into each topic and provide a thorough analysis.

1. Adaptability and Handling

A solid grip on the mat is one of the most important qualities of a good pair of SAMBO shoes, as we're sure you already know. Vinyl is commonly used to cover SAMBO mats, but during a match, this shiny, smooth surface can become extremely slippery.

You have to wear SAMBO shoes with flat, rubberized soles that grip well to counter this. To move around the mat effectively, you must simultaneously make sure that you can feel the ground beneath your feet.

SAMBO shoes facilitate efficient movement; however, the available flex and grip are altered by sole variations. This is an explanation of the various kinds of soles that are found on SAMBO shoes.

2. The sole

A unisole shoe has a single rubber sole that runs the entire length of the shoe and extends to the edges for traction. These shoes are typically lightweight and sufficiently flexible, and they provide the highest level of grip.

The longer lifespan of unisole shoes is another reason why SAMBO fighters frequently choose them. Compared to other types of soles, unisole shoes are typically more resilient and have a longer lifespan. They are a good investment because they are also reasonably sturdy and strong.

3. Distinct Soles

If your fighting style emphasises flexibility over grip, split-sole SAMBO shoes are what we advise. A split sole, as the name implies, has two rubberized segments on the heel and forefoot of the sole.

Split-sole shoes improve foot bending because they lessen the amount of material underfoot. On the mat, split-sole shoes give you the sensation of being barefoot, enabling more fluid and rapid movements. Comparing yourself to opponents who wear shoes with a unisole can give you an advantage.

4. Mixture Soles

Hybrid SAMBO shoes have a rubber piece that connects the forefoot and heel in an effort to provide balance, grip, and flexibility. By doing this, the shoes are able to compromise on performance between split and unisole shoes.

It's crucial to keep in mind that this classification is flexible and that any kind of shoe can provide the proper amount of flex and grip. Generally speaking, we advise novices to begin with shoes that are neither overly flexible nor overly grippy. SAMBO fighters with more experience levels need to choose shoes that complement their fighting style.

5. Ankle Support

Ankle support is the next crucial consideration when purchasing SAMBO shoes, after grip and flex. Since the majority of SAMBO shoes are typically mid-to high-tops, the ankle support is not compromised.

It's also important to notice that the tongue and collar extend to prevent injuries. We advise choosing a tongue or collar with additional padding if you're looking for more protection and support; velcro straps at the top are also a smart option.

6. Breathability

It's no secret that SAMBO is a physically demanding sport, and a match will leave you sweating a lot. This also applies to your feet. Sweating too much can cause discomfort, bad odours, and unintentional foot sliding.

Always look for SAMBO shoes with a meshed material upper to make sure this doesn't happen. In this manner, the shoes will release excess heat and let the cool air from the outside cool your feet. Look for shoes with extra bottom vents if you want to regulate temperature and excess moisture.

7. The Lace Garage Is There

The lace garage on SAMBO shoes is typically a pocket built into the tongue or a Velcro loop. In order to keep the shoes from falling off during the game, the lace garage helps keep the shoestrings from coming undone.

8. Material

Lastly, a significant factor is the material your shoes are made of. Selecting a material that offers the ideal balance of strength and flexibility is essential. Although leather shoes are also available, lighter SAMBO shoes are typically constructed of nylon, suede, or mesh.

Often Asked Questions - SAMBO Shoes - How Many Pairs Should I Purchase?
For novices, one well-maintained pair that is exclusively worn for SAMBO should be sufficient for one or two seasons. SAMBO fighters with more experience may want to keep one pair for competition matches and one for practise.

Is It Possible to Wear Boxing Shoes for SAMBO?

In summary, SAMBO shoes should not be substituted with boxing shoes. A different sport is considered in the design of each type. Thus, ensure that the shoes you purchase are intended for SAMBO and not boxing shoes.

Discovering the Ideal Partner
We really hope that our buying guide for the best SAMBO shoes has assisted you in selecting the right size and style. Please go over the guide again and concentrate on the important points if you are still unsure.

With years of experience in the business, our staff is happy to help you choose the ideal SAMBO shoes for your upcoming match. Reach us at any time!

Before we go, let me offer one last piece of advice: when purchasing SAMBO shoes, or any shoes for that matter, make sure they fit properly and are comfortable. It's best to let the feet make that decision.

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