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MMA Gloves for Sparring & Training

MMA Gloves for Sparring & Training

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MMA requires a blend of all the right attributes to make you a complete Mixed Martial Artist. Like the sport, our MMA grappling gloves are made of the same things - unbreakable material, undoubtable performance, and unwithering strength.

Unlike boxing gloves, MMA Gloves don’t need multilayers of foam padding. Most mixed martial artists prefer to practice in gloves of similar size and construction as those they compete in. Traditionally, MMA fighters don’t spar at full speed or use full power, instead working more on technique and specific moves.

There are no regulations surrounding training or sparring practices, but only standard MMA gloves are allowed for actual competition. Those typically range in weight from 4-8 ounces. Standards and preferences vary at various levels of MMA. Promotional companies, like Bellator, ONE Championship, the PFL, and UFC gloves all use slightly different styles to fight in.

In either style, there are important design aspects to look for. You want most of the padding to be on the back of the hand and across the knuckles, so that any weight or protective properties are where contact is mostly made. The foam that is used should be thin enough or soft enough that you are still able to open your hand easily. So much of the sport is spent grappling, ground fighting, performing submission holds, or executing Judo moves that require the ability to open your hand.

You also need a good, supportive strap or closure around the wrist. This will help stabilize your wrist and prevent injury since the glove itself lacks the extra cushion you get from the foam padding. MMA gloves are designed to adapt to all mixed martial arts disciplines simultaneously and should allow you to move effortlessly from one move to the next. A well-rounded athlete works to have a good grasp of all MMA styles and should choose a glove that accommodates that level of proficiency.

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